Rhino 8 WIP + RhinoInside.Revit + Revit 2024 + .netCore 7.0

We decided on a Rhino + RhinoInside.Revit + Grasshopper workflow to make our product data BIM ready. Due to the fact, that this project won’t be finished in a couple of weeks I wanted to use the most recent WIP versions to be future proof.

What I (believe to) know so far:

  • With the latest nuget Package for Grasshopper (v 8.xx) Visual Studio can use the Rhino 8 WIP version
  • You have to change the target Framework from .net48 to .netcore 7 (at least a check of the Rhino version in the 8.xx WIP build gave me v7 as C# framework)
  • Stuff targeted to the .net core 7.00 Framework builds and runs correctly in Rhino 8 WIP - with debugging

My problem starts here:

  • RhinoInside.Revit (1.15.xx daily Beta works)
  • I cannot not make it launch Rhino 8 WIP instead of Rhino 7

If I use the v7 environment (.net 48 as target) debugging works when I add “using Rhino.NodeInCode;” to my component and change the “StartProgram” Parameter of my Solution to Revit.exe.

I want RevitInside.Revit to Start Rhino 8 WIP instead of Rhino 7 so I can target .net Core instead of the .net Framework 4.8. But I did not manage to find a location where I can set the used Rhino.exe for RhinoInside.Revit.


  • Will .net core 7.0 be the internal version of Rhino 8?
  • How do I make RhinoInside.Revit launch the “Rhino 8 WIP” build instead of “Rhino 7”

Thanks in advance!



Rhino 8 can execute with .NET 4.8 or .NET 7, but it does not get to choose when loaded into another process like Revit. Revit uses .NET 4.8 and when Rhino is loaded inside Revit, it will also use .NET 4.8.

Thanks for the information. I think I will use RhinoInside.Revit just to get the geometry ready for Revit. I switched back to Rhino 7 and .net 4.8 because of the framework issue.

But I found absolutely no way to get the Revit components working inside a visual studio component. Due to the fact, that I have to do large scale automation it seems to be the better option to import the geometry into Revit and use the Revit SDK for all the rest.


Hi @Andreas_Hörl,

RiR is based on Rhino 7.0 and .NET 4.8. Even when we move to Rhino 8.0 it will be .NET Framework 4.8 and will load plugins build referencing v7.xx of RhinoCommon.
You will need to update your project reference to v8.x in case you need something specific on Rhino 8.

At some point before Rhino 8 is released we will also release RiR 2.0 that will target it.

Doe this makes sense?

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Yes. I am fine. I do not need more support. I was able to build for Rhino 8 without problems.
But I (it team) use Rhino only as a gateway to Revit. And I was not able to make RhinoInside.Revit work the way the RinoAPI does in Visual Studio. Therefore we will build the geometry in Rhino and will do necessary scripting directly in Autodesk Revit (with their SDK). Thanks for your support.