Getting Ready to 3D print, need help fixing minor adjustments

So I’m almost done with this project and this figure will be 3D printed. I’m not sure how detailed the printer is going to be so this will be my first attempt to see what comes out. To do so, I need to make sure there are no naked edges.

I have either an edge or dot by the nose and another by the rear end. I can’t seem to join the edge and I don’t know how to fix those “naked edges”. I need to fix the eyes too and trying to do so without making it look too creepy.

Also, I want to join the mane and tail to the remaining of the body. Boolean isn’t working and neither is join. Any ideas? I attached the document and I appreciate any help.

Thanks so much!

3D_project.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hi Britt- it looks like you’ve forced some edges closed, possibly with JoinEdge? some of the edge are pretty well pulled out of the surfaces, as you can see where the internal isocurves come up quite short of the joined edges (in wireframe). This is not good, exactly, but you can get away with it for STL output - to be honest, at this point I’d be inclined to Mesh the object and fix the mesh before exporting to STL- I think it would be mow work, I think, to do it right.I do think you should do it right to understand how to do that though - I just do not think it is needed in order to get an OK mesh out to STL.]
Still a bit of work though. I’ll try to help in the morning.


Hey Pascal,

I appreciate all your help and I’m sorry about the edges. Honestly, our 3D printer is kinda cheap so I’m not sure how well this horse will turn out. As far as my first time using rhino and modeling, I didn’t think it was too bad. I just didn’t always know what to do with the edges that didn’t always match up and I wasn’t sure if they had a zip file. The fillet tool looked nothing like I wanted to and patch still didn’t connect the edges. I am trying to add the tail to the body now by trimming both tools and then joining. We will see if it works.

Again, thank you for all your help! I truly appreciate it.

Hi Britt- it is not that it is so bad, especially as a first try, BUT, this is a fairly challenging project to do cleanly and well, let alone as a novice, and it needs to be better to print… I strongly recommend looking at the Level 2 material, especially the parts about Nurbs topology and curve and surface continuity- none of it is hard, just not obvious until someone tells you - and things are much clearer once you have an idea about this stuff.

At any rate, I think retract my ‘fix the mesh’ comment above, the mesh and especially the mane - to -body join, is messy enough that I think it would be better to rethink a little. I’ll see if I can’t get you started at least.

@SMalln, here is a little clip (no sound) that shows how to make a clean match between untrimmed surfaces, in this case mirrored copies, (hence the Average setting used, as you’ll see) so that the edges are in the right places and do not need to be forced closed.


For cleaning up a bad mesh and making it watertight for 3D printing try NetFabb. They have a free basic version and it works well for me.