Beginner/Novice Naked Edge/Getting read for 3D print Problems


I am designing a very rough prototype for a test chamber for a summer internship. I am planning to 3D print this tomorrow morning. I have only been using Rhino for a couple days, so my skills are very limited, but from what little research I’ve done, I know I need the chamber to have watertight edges or no naked edges so that it can be built/printed successfully. The ShowEdges command states I have 6 naked edges, (indicated by white color in pictures below) but I do not know exactly where these naked edges are, even when they highlight them, or what I need to do to fix them. The bottom part of the chamber is hollow, as I need to place something through the bottom. The naked edges seem to be within the tube coming out of the side which will lead to a viewport/flange. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this? Also, what else should I check for before taking this to the shop to print it?

Thank you!


Hi Sarah,

Here’s a nice series of videos on this subject By Kyle Houchens…

From the screenshot, I’m wondering if you have a duplicate surface or two in the naked edge locations. I would suggest ExtractSrf on the interior of the tube and then delete these bits. Then make a new surface using Loft between the open surface edges that are left. Join and test for naked edges again after that.

If you’re still stuck post the file here and someone (maybe me) will take a look for you.


Thank you so much for the reply!! I’ve watched a few of Houchens, but I’ll take a look at more.

I don’t think I can quite visualize/understand exactly what your directions are, but they seem legit haha. I’ll upload the file for anyone who would like to take a wack at it!

Chamber 1.3dm (212.5 KB)

The two cylinder are only surfaces not a tube.
Chamber 1.3dm (329.7 KB)

The main box is closed. Remove the inside of the ‘holes’ and work with the ‘tubes’ to make things proper. Chamber 1ck.3dm (159.2 KB)

Wow, thank you ChrisK and noetzig!

I actually toyed around myself this morning with my original design and I think I’ve got it fixed, but if it doesn’t work when I go to print I will definitely be grateful for your help/files !

Attached is my modified file, if anyone could alert me of any more issues, that would be awesome. I really appreciate it.

TestChamber1 001.3dm (137.5 KB)