Help with naked edges please

I’m trying to 3D print this model, I have looked at other forums. I’ve tried running differenct commands and managed to fix one naked edge. I don’t get how to use the commands but I tried running some like untrim, trim, dubborder, rebuildedges, matchsrf.

Can someone give me a hand with this model ?

Much appreciate itHELP WITH NAKED EDGES.3dm (8.1 MB)

Hi John - you have two planes on top of one another here


not offset as I thin you intend.

Same here:
That plane is extra - just delete it, if I see what you’re after.


Hi Pascal, thanks for your help.

I deleted the extra plane. However, I’m confused about what to do with the rest of the naked edges. I get thousands now, when I only had a few before. Does it have to do with the model. I did many boolean unions with solids to get this shape

I’m uploading another version of the same model that has only 472 naked edges. I used the rebuild edges command for the first one and changed the tolerance back and forth from 1e-05 and 1e-03 to try to see if any of those fixed it. I think that caused more naked edges to appear.

Much appreciate itLess Naked edges.3dm (9.5 MB)

Also I noticed that when using boolean union to unite two solids I didn’t get naked edges, but if I used the shell command to remove the bottom surface which I need to do to 3D print this. Then Nakaed edges began to appear in the interior thickness of the object. So what I’m going to do is delete the inner surfaces. But see if I can offset it afterwards without getting naked edges because I need to model to be a minimum of 1/8" thickness to 3D print.

Thank you again

Hi John - I’m not sure how you got here but that one area is pretty messy still - here are some section curves:

Other than that, if you show naked edges and follow around the model to see what is wrong there is a variety - some surfaces are in place but not joined, some are simply missing and need surfaces to be added-
And some surfaces are just a mess with the edges way out of place:


Hey thanks for your feedback Pascal,

You’re right this model is very messy. I got here with uniting and cage editing solids. It’s part of a design process I’m experimenting with. I’m happy to finally learn how to fix naked edges from the info in these forums. I got a long way to go still. Only been using Rhino for around a year give or take considering i stopped using it for more than a year in between. I will try to fix the model as much as I can with the input you gave me. If it were up to me these lines would be fine since I don’t know much. It makes sense that the surfaces are out of place. I just had no idea if they were out of place or easily fixable. I guess I can’t leave it all up to Rhino. And yea some surfaces are floating in place and unconnected. I don’t know how that happened. It must’ve happend with cage editing and shelling the model. Will get better at this I promise :slight_smile:

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I reduced all naked edges to 127, idk how it was simpler to get rid of all that messy geometry by just deleting it. I tried offsetting and it looks better than before with only a few more naked edges showing up. But I undid the offset to clean up the model. Can you give me some tips as to how I can clean up the rest ? I’m having trouble with the spaces in between geometries. I tried dupborder, untrim and trim, as well as matchsrf, but it does not do the trick. I also tried rebuilding the curves but had zero luck. I trust this is much simpler to fix than I think.

Much appreciated again. Less Naked edges.2.3dm (6.1 MB)

Hi John - I am happy to help BUT it would be much much easier to get your process working so this does not happen - How are you making these objects? Are you using the JoinEdge command by any chance? (Don’t)


I made these by creating solid cubes and rotating them in both axis and then joining them with boolean union. I really do have to find a way to make this process simpler. Maybe if I join the edges instead of pushing them into one another before using boolean union. I began using JoinEdge, but after reading up on the forums, I undid it and decided to clean it up manually. I deleted all the interior surfaces that were part of the model after I used the shell command to remove the bottom so it would 3D print as a hollow object. That was enough to clear up most edges. What I did next was combine edges with sweep2 and loft. Now I’m having a hard time with the rest.

I hope this is enough to give you an idea of what I did to get here. I’m down to 100 naked edges now.

Thanks for all your help