Get values of sublist by reference in sublist

Hello everyone,

can somebody maybe give me a hint for a solution.

I need to sort out this sublist values by its partnering name.
The goal is to set the name /RO for example and get out the value from the same sublist.

As you can see I managed to seperate the values, but now I am a bit stuck. (11.0 KB)

Two methods:
The upper one is by index, the lower by name


Awesome Piotr!!!
And damn! I played around with the member and set components, but yeah they are still new to me.

Thanks a lot!

Learn it and master it. These are one of my favourites in all Gh set.

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Not sure what that means? (10.8 KB)

Sorting is optional (cyan group).

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Sorry for any confusion. I translated this maybe to literally. Picking out the values fits hopefully better :wink:


Ups! The “Parts” dropdown menu doesn’t work for me, because I am still getting data via the OSC Listener. But with the internalized data it works super fine. Nice solution!

Edit: Kind of strange - the value list works with the sequence and the cycle mode, but not as dropdown menu.