Sorting Lists/Objects Using a Main List - HELP!


I’m struggling to figure out how to sort lists/trees, and I’m hoping for your help.

So, looking at the image below, I have “LIST A” which should be used to reference “ITEMS A”, and “LIST B” which should be used to reference “ITEMS B”. EDIT: Items are geometry (IFC Walls).

Then separately I have the “MAIN LIST”.

What I’m looking to achieve is to combine “A” & “B”, then to obtain separate sets of items for each of the values in the “MAIN LIST”. (34.4 KB)

I don’t have several of the plugins you use in this definition, but I think Key/Value search is what you are looking for (Sets → Sets → Key/Value Search) (31.2 KB)

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@inno thank you for the help! I think that’s what I’m looking for, but for some reason, it can’t find the values from the main list?
I’ve internalized the data for you if you wouldn’t mind taking another look.

EDIT: Just to note, the ITEMS A & ITEMS B Data are geometry (IFC Walls) (32.4 KB)