Working with Lists in Python/GH

Hi all,

Please help!

I don’t know how to make it work but here’s the idea:

I have 3 lists that has different list lengths and values and what I wanted to achieve is to specifically select the name of a list through a value list and it will output the assigned list according to its list name.

Any solutions are welcome!


is that list component with input port custom-made or I just missed an update?

now on the topic, try this:

working with lists in (7.1 KB)

you must also be sure to select proper type for x,y,z,u inputs:


Hi Ivelin,

Yeah, basically this question is just a concept. I’m gonna apply it in more complex situation. So yeah, It think this gonna work.

Thanks a lot for helping!

Could you please tell me about that Blue component list, where did you get that? I need something exactly like this.

It’s called Item Selector. You can get it if you install HUMAN.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: