Get value from VA GH Style Object

This should be very easy but apparently, it’s not. I don’t know if I’m missing something.
Please tell me how can get access to some value or text created inside the VA GH Style Object?
In my simple example, I just multiplied the circle area by 3, but you can imagine all sorts of calculation results that the user would like to have access to. I think they should be accessible in Grasshopper and displayed in Rhino Properties panel.

VA Object problem.3dm (60.6 KB)

VA Object in Rhino

VA GH Style Object definition

How I try to get them in Grasshopper

Hi @Czaja, Unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve that text in GH or in the Properties panel right now.

In VisualARQ 3 we have plans to have some kind of “Read-only” parameters for the Grasshopper styles, that will allow having “ending” components in the GH definition that will collect calculated information, and they will be displayed in the VisualARQ properties panel.

On the other hand, we can also add “texts” in the output options of the “VisualARQ Explode component”, which would also help you in that case.

I don’t consider these read-only parameters a niche thing and I must admit I’m a little unwilling to wait for them to VisualARQ 3. Especially since I’m very uncertain when it will happen.

Any workaround applicable to VisualARQ 2, to get values out of GH Styles would be really helpful, I can even explode tiny texts to get to the values.

We neither. This is actually an important new feature, that might involve UI and file format changes. We won’t likely include new features in VisualARQ 2.x versions (just fix some bugs), and that way we can focus on VisualARQ 3 sooner than later.