VisualArq, Extract Grasshopper file from GH Style

Hello @fsalla, is it possible to extract the Grasshopper file from a VisualArq Grasshopper Style. This would be much needed functionality. People tend to not properly document and store the final version of the GH used for the VA Styles.

We would like to automate library creation from projects. The VisualArq style would be stored in a folder together with the original GH Script and an jpg of its content, eventually leading to a database that other employees can easily browse.

Any solution based on Python scripting or rhinocommon plugins would work for us.

Hi Silvano,
It’s not possible to extract the GH file from a VA GH style, but it’s a feature planned for future versions. Before we implement this, we need to provide an option to make this extraction available or not, enabled by the creator of the VA GH style, since there might be cases where they don’t want to share the gh file, but just the object style.

As you may know, the VA styles are exchanged using the .val files that can be exported or imported with the vaStylesExport and vaStylesImport respectively.
The gh files used in GH styles are embedded in the 3dm file, so it is not necessary to move it along the 3dm.
But I understand it would be useful to store these .val files with some screenshot or image of the object.
There is a VisualARQ API available, accessible from Rhino common (including Python). You can find more details here: Is there an API or SDK for VisualARQ? - VisualARQ
We are expanding the functions available in each version, so feel free to let us know what you miss or need.

Hi Francesc,

thanks for your in depth answer. Please excuse confusion regarding the API. We are already using it. I was wondering if the GH file extraction might be possible through the API, but from your answer I deduct it is not.

Let me briefly explain the reason why we would need to extract GH files from GH Styles. We had several instances in the office where people enhanced GH based Styles from our library but did not properly document and store the updated GH definition (we are a small company, so everybody is allowed to make new styles). Then they leave and later in the project somebody wants to change the definition of the GH based Style for which the original definition is missing now.

Hi Silvano,
I understand your reasons for this request. I’ll let you know when we implement it.