Creating Shared Parameters- text shared parameter files

I have created a new shared parameter using the following link, and have passed it into both a project file and family.

Usually when I manually create shared paramters I make them within a shared parameter file in the project file and then when I want to use this in the family, I simply browse to this file and choose from the paramter list.

When I use the outline above, the parameter makes, however I cant add it to my shared parameter file.I can simply see it in my project parameters and its listed as a shared parameter.

My question is- How can I direct this to be part of my project shared parameter file and additionally, when I want to use it in my family, how can I pick from the text document list, as it is currently simply coming out as a family parameter in my family.

Without them been linked across a shared parameter file, it is somewhat limiting. It would also be good to be able to add shared parameters directly from the text file. So if a parameter is already defined, I can just simply use that.

And lastly, how can I choose between instance and type based- is this in the binding?


The Add Parameter Binding input isn’t a Boolean (0 or 1).

1 - Instance
2 - Type
3 - Global