License Usage Tracking & Serial Number

Hi All,

I’m trying to use the Usage Tracking CSV files that come from the Zoo (see image below to version we are using) to understand if we have users that have continually had Rhino open on their computers over a series of days without closing the program. This is to help manage our licenses as we have users across the globe. For instance, a user in Dallas, TX may have left Rhino open overnight which is taking from the pool of licenses when a user in Beijing is trying to get one.

Is there anyway to get the SERIAL NUMBER to export in the License Usage CSV? Or another way to identify this? Product Key possibly?.. I can see which users are using which licenses by serial numbers when the zoo is open, but I haven’t found a way to get this exported out into the CSV.

Or has anyone else found another way to accomplish this task?



Is this something for you?

Hi @jwheel811,

The Zoo’s usage log does not list the product’s serial number. I’ve created an issue to add this to a future Zoo release.

– Dale

Thanks @dale appreciate the quick response and adding it to the requests list.