Select VA geometry in grasshopper style?

How to select a VA geometry in grasshopper style? I made for example “select window” as input in grasshopper, but when I make the style, in this case a new anotation style, I cannot select the window, but enter a point location.

Hi Sébastien,
I’m not sure to understand what you are trying to do. Can you explain it further with some screenshot, gif or file?

Hi Francesc,
I want to make a vertical anotation windows dimensions by selecting the windows.
So it’s working in Grasshopper, but if I want to have a VisualARQ style I can’t select the windows.

Hi Sébastien,
I may require the 3dm file to check why you cannot select those windows.
On the other hand I tell you that we have plans to create tags in elevation, so when this is possible you will be able to use the Tag object to display the width/height dimensions of windows in elevation.

Hi Francesc,
Here are the files. I’m not sure I’m doing everything correctly. Please have a look.
Dimensions ouvertures fenetres.3dm (3.1 MB)
Dimensions ouvertures (18.7 KB)

Hi Sebastien,
Are you trying to create a window style that includes a vertical tag? In this case you should create the whole window in GH, (not just referencing one). Unfortunately it is not yet possible to create VisualARQ objects from GH styles that reference other VisualARQ objects as input parameters. But we have plans to support this option.

If you just need to have vertical tags, we can also include this option in the tag object for future VisualARQ versions.

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