Get geometrical VA Style Inputs in GH

I can’t find the way to get geometrical VA Style Inputs in Grasshopper.
Am I overlooking some component?

That curve was the original object input, I want to get it from VA Style

Hi @Czaja,

What error is reported on the red component?


Haha, was that an ironic question? :slight_smile:

Not implemented yet. - Is this the answer and I just didn’t read what I should?


Hi @Czaja,

This error means there is some code on our components assembly (GHA) that is not implemented. Probably the conversion from VisualARQ (Tibidabo) curve to Grasshopper (RhinoCommon) curve.

This is a common error that we usually catch in our testing process, but we probably haven’t tested all possible combinations of properties and geometry types.

Please, send me PM with the 3DM and the GH and I’ll try to implement it for VisualARQ 2.11.4 and send you an installer later today. By the way, I’ve also fixed the issue with cut planes/section and clipping planes when “Shadows ignore clipping planes” is turned on, so I can send you the latest 2.12 if you prefer.



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Hi @Czaja , we have just released a new version of VisualARQ (2.12) which fixes this error you reported (“Get property” component fails for properties of type “Curve”).

You can check here the news of the new version: VisualARQ 2 - Version 2.12 released