Get boundry curves of these curves

i need to get booundry curves how i can do that ?

there curves (19.5 KB)

SkiSlopeCurves Edited (30.2 KB)
Curve Boolean from @DanielPiker


thanks bro but if i need to create surface from this boundry boundryedge to make surface not work with me

Is this a question?

yes i need to create surface from these boundry

Patch it. Flexibility gives a little bit more accuracy.

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thanks u bro
i try it but because i need it to be acurate so i try to make panels of each closed shape by weavebird but dosen’t all done
can u help me with this ?
i need to make surface for each closed shape of these curves

I don’t understand what are you trying to do.

i need to create surface like this but every surface is seperated

SkiSlopeCurves Edited (29.0 KB)

They are all separated surfaces.

all seperated but dimension of surface changed and this not allowable for me cause this suface is panel will load it with loads in structral program so i need to make surface from panels with same dimension do u understand what i need ?

Now I understand.
I am afraid you are seeking something not possible.
Reopen a thread of this problem. Maybe you are lucky.

Read this guidance carefully to get the maximum help.
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Please see my response in your duplicate post and maybe this works for you?


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