Create an individual surface from curves

Hi Guys,

Is there a way to create an individual surface through those curves?




internelaize your data and upload the file.

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Hi Flokart,

Please see attached GH file for creating a surface.

Sample Curve for Surface (32.0 KB)


Thank you Quan, can you separate each individual area boundary? can you please share you script? Thanks.

i saw that your top and bottom polylines are not continous - not sure if this is intentional but if they shall be continous this would a solution too:

Sample Curve for Surface (10.5 KB)

Thank you Pejo, kind regards.

Hi Pejo,

How did you did you sort the bottom curves? thanks.

I changed to referecned curves to continous polylines and after exploding i compared the x & y values of start to end point for each segment. If start and end point xy values are equal the line is vertical and will be culled so only the more or less horizontal lines will remain.

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Hi Pejo,
Can you show me how you did it in script? thanks.

i adjusted the polylines in rhino and referenced them newly or what exactly do you mean? if the lines in the container in the script you uploaded are a result in grasshopper please upload the whole script