Create multiple surfaces from multiple non-planar boundary curves

Hi there everyone.

This might be a pretty basic question that I’m humbly asking for guidance on.

I have created a definition where I have vertical louvers along a rail curve. They are all created with curves as boundaries. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to use these non-planar boundary curves to create individual surfaces. I have been trying to patch etc, but it patches all of the curves in one go. I’m guessing I need to deconstruct somehow before patching?

What I’m trying to get in the end are vertical fins with a controlled thickness.

I’m kindly asking for help on this.

Please see below for files and screenshot



Vertical Louvres.3dm (47.5 KB) Vertical (32.7 KB)

something like this? (18.2 KB)

Hi Aris,

Thanks for looking into this. Much appreciated!

I need to retain the shapes that are created in my original definition. It is part of a larger extent, where the boundary outlines grow and retract.

is it not retained in my definition? which part? (if it is the opening, you can just leave it at zero)

Your definition seems to recreate a new fixed rectangular boundary along my input curve.

Please keep in mind that I’m a Grasshopper beginner. I might just not see it?

Look, your curve is a polyline, which means the louvres that are on the corners of the polyline, will be pequliar. The closest I could do based on your description is the following but it is strange.
if this is not what you want, please try to be more explicit. :slight_smile: (13.5 KB)

Not sure if you managed to solve your problem, but here’s what I did:

I used the ggNetworkPolygons from the Geometry Gym plugin and plugged in all of my network curves. You can then Graft the output and plug it into the Patch surface component.

Hope this helps, cheers