Curves to surfaces

Hello everybody,

I have what I believe it is this simple problem but I cannot manage to crack it. I have these curves, I am trying to create surfaces between these curves to create some floors. I have tried Patch and Boundaries Surface but I couldn’t make it work. Would appreciate any hint on how to solve it.

curves to (8.5 KB)

Your curves are not co-planar so they don’t all intersect. Most of these curves are too long, going past the intersection points. Two edges on the bottom “floor” are missing.

P.S. It appears that you have many duplicate curves!? Not the best way to do something like this…

You could do something like this except the first floor which doesn’t have sufficient edges…

curves to (17.2 KB)

This removes the duplicate edge curves. The bottom floor fails due to two missing edge segments, as noted previously.

curves to (16.1 KB)

NOTE: You could create just one perimeter shape and copy it to each floor level using Move.

Hello, thanks a lot, this is indeed the solution. Sorry that the code I put up was so poor, I extracted it from a larger one and I did not expect for it to go so wrong. Thank you for your time!

Hello, thanks a lot, for the solution and for your tips. Indeed, it seems that when I extracted this bit of script from the larger one I messed things up and I ended up with more curves than I needed. I have to do it as the edges are the results of a larger set of transformations which build upon each other.