German translation - issues?

As I am currently checking (parts of) the German translation of Rhino and correcting errors when I see them, I wanted to ask all users of the German version if there are any issues that should be fixed for V6.

Issues can be:

  • spelling errors
  • wrong terminology
  • strange constructions
  • wording that bugs you because of …?
  • anything else language related

Please report your observations here or send me an email to

Thank you!

Finally i get the chance to play the smartypants. :wink:

The german translation for “Layer States” isn’t “Ebenenstati” but “Ebenenstatus”.
The german plural for “status” is like the latin one, “status” (with just the “u” pronounced longer).

I see, you chose your avatar accordingly… :wink:

You are absolutely right. I’ll put this on my list. Thank you!

Here’s another one:

The “Torus” (under “Solids”) is translated to “Ring”.
That isn’t exactly wrong, but it is not quite right either.

But because there is no german word which exactly describes that form, “Torus” is well established as a borrowed word in german language. It’s widely understood and registered in our “Duden” and our local Wikipedia, so i would just stick to the “Torus” in the german version.

Here is the last one (from me):

At the topmost line, the english “Panels” is translated to “Panele”, but that word doesn’t exist in german language.
Once again the english word “Panel” is used in german as a borrowed word, but the plural would be “Panels” like it is in english.
There is a german word “Paneele” (with two “e”), but it’s meaning is (of course) slightly different. It is only used to describe wall panels oder ceiling panels in architecture, but not for UI-Elements.

Any other possible german translation is either already in use (like “Werkzeuge” = “Tools” or “Werkzeugleisten” = “Toolbars”) or it is prone to misunderstandings (like “Fenster” = “Windows” which is too close to Viewports).

So i would suggest to stick with the english “Panels”, but used with the correct plural.

Yes… this is something I’m considering for quite some time now. If it was a new concept I’d translate it as “Torus” without any doubt.

However, this is one of those cases where I have to decide whether the improvement in the wording outbalances the inconsistency with older programs, manuals, tutorials, website content etc. I’m not sure yet, but I’ll put it on my list…

You are referring to V5 here, right? This should already be fixed in the WIP (see screenshot). Please let me know if you see it differently.

And thanks a lot for your input so far!

Yes, i did refer to V5. I have not found the time to get a closer look at the WIP so far (which ist hard to believe considering the enthusiasm i show in hunting for itsy-bitsy little translation problems) :wink:

But i’m gladly looking forward to V6.

Hi Thomas,

I find SmartTrack (Hilfslinien) and GumBall (Manipulator) somehow wired for german users.

Perhaps you will find better translations, than mine.



Hi Michael,

I think, we like to think of those two concepts as some kind of “brand names”, as if they were included plug-ins. “SmartTrack” even is described in the help file as a trademark (although I have no idea of the actual legal background of that).

Honestly, I support the decision of leaving them untranslated (in the Spanish and Italian version, they appear in English, too). And naming the nice little Gumball Manipulator sounds a bit too much Schwarzenegger to me. :wink:

Does this wording bug you that much?

BTW: Hilfslinien is already reserved for guides.

Hi Thomas,

Does this wording bug you that much?

SmartTrack and GumBall are not very self-explanatory to me, I think a good translation would help.

Yeah, “Manipulator” is hard to stand, but it could get even worse e.g by “Transformierer” :wink:



Or “Kaugummikugel” for that matter. :smile:

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These words are awfully short for German - can’t you guys come up with a 35-40 character word for Gumball, just so it’s really easy to type?

Sad that that’s about all of the High-school German I can remember :frowning: - long compound words.

How about Geometriemanipulationsbenutzeroberflächensteuerelement?


Now we’re talking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2016-04-05 WIP:
New Rhino 6 command: SelUnjoinedMeshEdgePt.
So now we’re up to 21 character words in the English version :yum:

Isn’t that already in V5? (SelNakedMeshEdgePt)



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I just changed the wording to “Torus”. You’ll find the change in one of the next WIP releases.

What do you think about the translation “Füllfläche” for “Patch”?