Geometrygym sweep profile failed

Hi everyone,

Have you met this kind of issue that the output from “ggsweepprofile” is “null”?

I download this example from gg website yet it’s not working on my latest Rhino 6.
00-BullAnt-Model-3 Pin Truss (15.8 KB)

Hi Yuhao Lin,

Thanks for posting. It highlights some legacy management we need to do, removing this particular example and marking components as obsolete.
This example was created over 10 years ago, you can find a relative blog post and discussion link here:

It used old techniques with dependency on rhino document storage of profiles that we no longer support.

If you only want geometry, using out of the box grasshopper components to achieve the sweep would be advised. If you’re more looking at BIM, then our ggRhinoIFC plugin can help with various improvements we’ve made in the past 10 years. Here’s a modified file

00-ggRhinoIFC-Model-3 Pin Truss (31.2 KB)



Hi Jon,

Thanks for the solution, it works well!

Just one simple question, what if I only want to have a sweep geometry that can be baked into Rhino instead of build a IFC steam?

I noticed there is this node:
May I know does this still work? The output is always “null”.

Many thanks!

Hi Yuhao,

have you tried to use this Component instead of the standard Sweep?

Maybe that can help you.

Kind regards,

Hi clemenslinder,

Thanks this mesh tool is really cool!

However, it appears this tool only receive curve as section input. Currently I’m still relying on geometry gym catalogue to generate standard steel section profile like UB or UC, or is there a function that can pull out standard section and generate section curve?

Best regards
Yu Hao

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Have you found a solution to solve the issue? I am encountering the same issue.
Hope you can help.


Hi Elmar,

No I don’t think that node works, but you are refer to the example from Jon. It assembles a IFC model which has all the geometry we need, thanks.

Yu Hao