ggSweepProfile for closed sections showing up as solid?

Hi There,

I have a simple problem, there should be a simple fix but I can’t seem to find it… When using the ggSweepProfile in BullAnt to extrude an RHS section along a curve, the resulting geometry in Rhino is solid? Even through I have provided an appropriate section from the ggCatalogue Profile. Any help would be appreciated.

If you bake the result to Rhino, is it then hollow?

For improved performance, I believe we might have ignored wall thickness for grasshopper preview (we might also not render some aspects such as fillet radius on universal beam profiles)
In the ggIFC components, we now use light weight extrusions to determine render mesh so I don’t believe this behavior occurs in this plugin.

Hi @jonm, the baked result is as per the grasshopper preview.

I will look at using ggIFC components instead.