Profile Error/Bug

I am trying to use BullAnt in Rhion 7 to generate steel profiles. However I can’t seem to get any profile curves to generate. I have tried using the ggCatalogueProfile and using a curve component, however it turns red, stating “Data conversion failed”. I have tried using a sweep component and it creates null geometry.

Here are the trouble shooting steps I have tried so far:
-I have downloaded the example files to ensure I’m using them correctly and they produce the same errors.
-Restarted Rhino and the computer with no success.
-Uninstalled and reinstalled BullAnt multiple times with no success.
-Tried in Rhino 6 and produces the same errors

Does anyone have recommendations for correcting this problem?

Hi Cameron,

We’ve done some work to reinstate this. There’s still a couple of aspects to improve but you can access some of this sweep functionality in the latest build available on yak package manager.



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