GeometryBase Inheritance Tree Chart?

Does anyone have a tree chart for GeometryBase? I need a quick ref for all the derivative types.


Googling, I saw that VS had a class designer. It won’t work on references, but I generated this with a little help from DotPeek. The designer isn’t fun to use (and there may be more derived types), but this looks like what I needed.

Full size pdf: GeometryBase.pdf (135.2 KB)


Very cool @EricM! Can I ask why you needed to know, what you’re trying to solve etc? I’ve had to deal with this as well and always curious to learn more solutions :blush:

I’m doing a couple of different transforms that accept any GeometryBase, but history replay doesn’t have an update method for the base class, so I need to switch on specific types. Also, I needed to see which derived types lack update statements (like block instance refs).

Ahhh I gotcha! Yeah okay that makes sense, thanks for the answer :blush: