Is there a way to create own class which inherits GeometryBase

As i see all internals are sealed. Did anyone tried to do this and create custom geometry class?

Hi @D-W,

No, this isn’t possible. Why do you need/want to do this?

– Dale

Hi @dale this is related to passing data to render engines i wanted to create own object with as small as possible memory footprint then i could encapsulate them in an instance def and use CRM (mentioned in PM) to populate scene with vast amount of objects - thats what i need … badly.

Or maybe i should try to inherit from RhinoObject and put it into doc with all data? I need some kind of placeholder available on both sides c# and c++. I guess there’s no easy way so i try to find some workaround.

@dale is UserData available on both sides? And is it accessible to any other plugin? I remember that i read already about this and it wasn’t but i just wanted to reassure on this.