Looking for docs

Hi guys!
I’m looking for docs that can clarify the roles and the relationships between

  • RhinoObject(s) and its derived classes
  • ObjRef(s)
  • GeometryBase(s) and its derived classes
    I’ve googled but…
    Thanks to you all!


Hi @software_comas,

is this doc helpful ? If you click on one of the items, you’ll get some inheritance hierarchy shown above each helptext.


Hi Clement
Thanks a lot for your reply but I need something that helps to get the whole picture…
Thanks again


@RIL, didn’t you generate something recently ?


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Hm, not so recently but below is what I found so far (some are from the same thread but still different diagrams).

The inheritance “depth” is not very deep below GeometryBase since this class often is the superclass of interest.

When I grow up I might try to illustrate some more info based on the info in RhinoCommon. Until then, only such info which I struggle to figure out myself.

// Rolf

Thanks a lot for your reply and for your excellent job, @RIL
Well done! :slight_smile: