Geometry with multiple faces

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Does anyone knows how this kind of geometry is made? I’m trying to get something similar using folding but its not quite that…
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depends on what kind of geometry you want to achieve. If you just want to get this kind of pattern, the TriB component from LunchBox will do the job.

But if you want to create some real Origami, I think you have to dig a bit deeper. I am also currently experimenting with foldable patterns and there is some maybe useful information here:

Thank you! That is exactly what I needed! :grinning:

I am quite sure it has not been done using origami technique. It is a simple polar array. Using Rhinoceros and history you must be able to make the same.
You can also use Grasshopper and 5 or 6 2d points and polar array.

It is fun to see that they sold the bake mold with origami name also when they are not origami but just facet models… Marketing marketing …

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Please don’t take this the wrong way Laurent, but it just looks like an origami… since when do things have to be named with reference to the process that created them? We would all be called “Human intercourse” then :rofl:

I just wanted to say it is not because it is named Origami it has to be done with origami.
here Origami Amore !!! it must be Delaunay Amore, surely less sexy than Origami

So for @beatrizrybandt, here is a way to make parametric structure using slider (could be MD slider) to make the points (5 parametric points) and some simple geometry rules (rotation + mirror + polar array).

cake (19.1 KB)


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Even her ( Dinara ) process was polar array. But in 3ds max. Watch this video by her.