Geometry Record and automatic slider

is there a way to record geometry output in grasshopper ?
For example, I will run an operation on different inputs coming from a slider and i want to store the outputs of this operation for each different input.

Have you seen the ‘Data Recorder’ component? (found under Params>Util)
If you don’t want to record data for every upstream update, you can also include a Data Dam before the recorder, and only click it when you want to capture that state.

yes I tried data recorder before but I wanted to store the geometries themselves, I mean if the slider will output 100 outputs , so I will need to manually store each different output by data dam ?
Sorry I may not understand well.

Actually it works, sorry I didn’t notice that. Thank you!

I only suggested using the Data Dam to avoid capturing huge numbers of times if adjusting a Floating Point slider by hand. If the sliders are automated in some way, or snapped to integers, this shouldn’t be an issue and you can skip the Dam.

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Yes I understand now, Thanks!