Data recording component not supported

I’ve just noticed that the data recording component native to grasshopper is not supported on ShapeDiver. This makes it difficult to modify multiple parameters and have the script save that data. Just curious if this method of data storing will eventually be supported and if not what is the intended workflow to store multiple instances of a script.

Just as an example of what I’m saying is if we are making a script for wall tiles with three different elevations. We want to be able to set the width and name of each wall individually and be able to switch between iterations and output a drawing package using parameters from each iteration. This is possible in grasshopper with the data recording component because I can set a slider, save that state, and change the slider, but it still remembers its previous state.

On ShapeDiver, a Grasshopper definition must define a one-to-one relationship with a computed result. One set of parameters should always lead to the same outputs which is not possible if using Data Recorder. More on the subject in the Documentation:

However, ShapeDiver will soon introduce Saved States feature on the platform and desktop client so you will be able to store any slider set up for outputting drawings.