How To Permanently Save Data with Data recorder after closing grasshopper


I am using Data Recorder to save slider values, and then using a list item to toggle between saved options. If I close Grasshopper after saving, all the data that was saved in Data recorder is automatically cleared. Is this expected behavior or is something wrong here? Is there a way to permanently save slider data parametrically? I know I could attach a data node and manually right click to internalize data before every save but this is not an acceptable solution since I have many other sliders not shown here in other options. Thanks!


I would give a try to Metahopper
[Rhino command line → Packagemanager → Metahopper]

when I go out of the screen I’m just clicking “internalize data”

I also think for a more stable solution I’d use Get Connected Objects instead of Get Selected Objects (more practical, fixed selection order expecially if you have sliders scattere all around the GH canvas)

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