Geometry Not Showing for Printed Text Holder

Hi, the ring for the printable name holder is not showing up as seen in the screenshot. Once it uploads to ShapeDiver, the circular piece is missing although it is connected and merged to the bottom geometry in the script. We have made sure to join it at the end of the script so not sure why this is happening.

Screenshot 2022-11-27 144631

These components appear to be disabled.


No this screenshot was only for referencing, the script is uploaded with those enabled!

You’re more likely to get meaningful help if you upload a grasshopper file.


Indeed, I will only be able to help with a minimal file that helps me reproduce the issue.
My guess is that you are uploading a file created with Rhino 7 to Rhino 6 servers on ShapeDiver. Did you try to open the definition in Rhino 6 locally?

Thank you Mathieu, will try with the Rhino 7 server change on Shapediver and get back to you!