Meshes doesn't appear in the viewer

I am uploading a test file on ShapeDiver and the viewer doesn’t show some of my geometries. In the gh file, I an using the ShapeDiver Display and Material.
I have done some tests by modifying display parameters but nothing seems to work and I can’t figure it out. I am using Rhino 7.
This is the model : (1.3 MB)
Am I doing something wrong?

The shared ShapeDiver system is still running Rhino 6, which in your case is causing a problem: in Rhino 6, the casting of {x,y,z} text into points is not implemented, which makes your EvalSrf components fail:

I tried using an actual point object instead of the text panel and that solved the issue. If you do that, even in Rhino 7, it should fix the issue on ShapeDiver.

Thank you, it works fine now!