Geometry not beeing created

Hello SD-Team,
in the beginning of my function I am creating three points which I use to define circles. Then I create an offset curve and I want to receive the tangents of these circles. For the inner curves all of this works, but the outer curves are missing. Since the function is pretty simple, I am really clueless to the problem and I am thankful for any help.

Username: Finn_Schw
Link to model: ShapeDiver

The shared ShapeDiver system is still running Rhino 6. Please try to run the definition in Rhino 6 and check if it works as expected there.

Looking at your screenshot, the issue is likely that you do not provide an explicit plane for the offset curve component. This works in Rhino 7 but not in Rhino 6 (one of the major backwards incompatibilities between the two versions).