Is it possible to model this texture in 3d in rhino onto a flat surface?

It needs to have this look of overlapping lines, but the lines need to blend into the surface as with this sculpture…

I’d do that with a displacement map using an image-

then use extract render mesh which will give you a real useable mesh that you can export as an stl and print or cnc.

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would you make that displacement map in photoshop? or…?

yes, make the image anywhere, photoshop, or a photo from a camera etc…

Thanks. Ill see about making it in photoshop first…not sure how

you tube… there a re tons of tutorials for anything you could possibly want to do in photoshop-

Thanks Kyle, I may have found a solution in photoshop. Ill be trying to turn the image into a 3d model and ill return to your earlier message when Im at that point.

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