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I’m wandering of someone can help me to know how to array the polygon on the object as I try to array, project and flow along surface, but it doesn’t work for me .Polygon.3dm (312.6 KB)

As I’m trying to create a polygon, as when I array the polygon I got the wrong shape ,

Hi @razaqe

It would help if you could explain what is the final result that is wanted.

Arraying, Flowing, Projecting are distinct operations involving distinct intents.

Are you willing to array a set of polygons on the Srf by rows in U, in V or Both directions ?
… that’s what the shared image 2 suggests.

What about the orientations of the distributed polygons, any rule wanted ?

Rodolfo Santos

I’m trying to create web of polygons as a ball , but I’m not sure which tool I have to use .

I tried to make it by using flow along surface, but the polygon shape isn’t equal

I believe it is simply impossible to create a sphere with equal shaped polygons. Do a search on “Geodesic construction” on the internet to see what is or isn’t possible.
In any case it will have to be constructed from the ground up, once you know the components involved.

I made a geodesic sphere once:

as pointed by @maxz , it is not possible to map a sphere object with the polygon you want to use without deforming it.

Please refer to dedicated web contents to better approach the problem with Rhino or GH.
ie . Regular polygons that touching to a sphere surface

Rodolfo Santos.

This is true. Most experts call these solids geodesic grids. Grids made of hexagons and pentagons are called Goldberg polyhedra. The easiest way to make them is to use Rhino plugin called RhinoPolyhedra. You can download this plugin from this page: RhinoPolyhedra | Food4Rhino

After the download and installation, run the plugin by typing the word Polyhedron in the command prompt. The plugin calls Goldberg polyhedra “Dual Geodesic Icosahedra.” Examples of Goldberg polyhedra:

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The new TriRemesh component in Grasshopper in Rhino 7 may be of interest too…

Seems a nice one.

Thanks for sharing.

Rodolfo Santos