GEODESIC DOME explode objects for exploded isometric drawing

GEODESIC Masonary (main).3dm (1.4 MB)
GEODESIC Masonary (main).gh (24.7 KB)

Here also just the poly surfaces I just for my project in rhino as this might be easier to work with
Uploading: GEODESIC Masonry (just blocks).3dm…

Hello Guys,
Here is another problem relating to the geodesic dome.
I want to create an exploded isometric drawing that explodes all masonry blocks (the final result of the script).

Here are a couple of examples as reference pictures:

Thank you

You must be kidding! Now four threads?

You have more than enough help already to figure this out for yourself.

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It is fundamentally an entirely different problem that just starts with the already achieved poly surfaces.

I doubt it.

Thank you so much.
How did you create the last image ?