Rhino Grasshopper extrude Geodesic surface

Hello guys,
I have a problem with extruding my geodesic dome surfaces. I already tried creating curves from the surface and the lofting an offset of that but that did not work. Furthermore the normal extrude command just extrudes it in one direction.
I want the surfaces to be extruded in a spherical direction by 0.5 feet.
Can anybody help me with that ?

GEODESIC Masonary.gh (22.6 KB)

Thank you

It’s hard to see what you’re trying to do because a Pt param (two points?) is not internalized.

thanks for answering. I just created a points close to the dome as a point attractor.

GEODESIC Masonary.3dm (6.8 MB)

here is my rhino file with the points in there

That looks like the same GH file, not a Rhino file. Do you understand what internalized means?

GEODESIC Masonary.3dm (6.8 MB)
I’m sorry wrong file. mb

6.8 MB for two points? :roll_eyes:

I have used 2 points in my example but it doesn’t matter. You can also only use one point

Just for explanation:
I’m creating a pavilion in form of geodesic dome. For that I wanna create bricks (that would the extrusion from the surfaces). the point is used as point attractor so that some of the cutouts in the middle of the bricks (surfaces) are smaller then others. Different sizes to respond to the sun so that e.g. the north has bigger cutouts as there is less direct light from the sun.

OK, I was doing something else but will give up because I don’t understand.

ohh ok, so can you help me with my problem ?

No, I don’t understand what you want. Good night.

GEODESIC Masonary_2023Feb18a.gh (32.9 KB)


I just figured it out with the help of you script. Thank you so much! appreciate it a lot