Hello everybody

Can someone please help me how to import a GEO TIFF file into Rhino

Many Thanks


Hi Carlo,

As far as I know a Geo Tiff is a Tiff Image with additional reference coordinates. I use irfan view to convert them to jpeg images and then map them on a plane or a geometry like triangulated point cloud data which have the correct XY size (use texture mapping / planar mapping).

If you need the correct absolute YX position provided in the geo tiff, you can move the plane / geometry to the according position in a second step, however from my experience this can lead to problems with the display pipeline and in render engines which both do not like you to place objects extremely far from 0,0,0 sometimes.



Thank you, Andreas
Yes, my Tiffs are georeferenced. I thought maybe Rhino has an import function like in AutoCAD MAP or Civil3D. I will align the Tiff with reference points Planar with x y coordinates. Not so clean but Rhino apparently can not.

Thank you


Hi Carlo, I find that Bison works well to import Geo TIFF files. It brings them in at the world origin.
In a previous workflow, I used QGIS to convert the TIFF to a point cloud.


Hi Wim,
nice find! works quite well -> thanks!


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It looks so cool.
I want to try but I think I met some difficulties in importing the Tiff file into grasshopper, so could you show me how to import it specifically?
Thank you.

Hi - did you download Bison? What’s the problem you are running into?