Orthoimage import


I want to import georeferenced orthoimage from drone flight into Rhino. I saw here: GEO TIFF File - #4 by wim and here: Georeferenced Image file - #7 by walther that this topic is not new but I still have no idea how to achieve my goal.

I tried exporting raster image as .dxf from QuantumGis but with no success. And I am sure that this can be done because the point cloud is already in the correct place, waiting for the image.

I also downloaded the Bison plugin but I see no component to import orthoimages.

I would be grateful for your help with this problem. I don’t want to import an image and scale it manually because I want to avoid “human-clicking” misteakes.

Hi S -
In the threads that you refer to, I was talking about GeoTIFF files. It sounds like you are talking about a texture. If you have a point cloud and a separate texture image, you can create a mesh from the point cloud and then drop the texture image onto that mesh.

That said, the software that creates the point cloud should probably be able to export textured point clouds that Rhino should be able to import as such.

If you can provide a sample, it’s more likely that someone will be able to provide pointers.

Thank you for your answer. I am talking about the GeoTIFF files. In the meantime, I managed to import the file into the Rhino project but I had to go through another CAD program.
I used the script to import the orthoimage and then I saved the project as dwg which was imported into Rhino. The process is shown on this very professional image :slight_smile:

I will send you files in the private message and I will be grateful if you take a look at them.