Bringing GIS into Rhino - Accurately Geographically

Goodmorning all,

I have been having a discussion the last few days with my colleagues about bringing GIS items into Rhino, and we have hit a theoretical stump trying to figure a way to bring, say, raster, and vector GIS items into rhino while keeping their projections, geographic location and position correctly. Say, for instance, I have a LANDSAT provisional SFC Temp dataset, and I want to drape that over 3D Building extrusions to do material studies, get measured spectral info into rhino, whether it is NDVI, to do thermal studies, etc, and then have the ability to convert these images to UV texture maps.

Where it all falls apart currently is that we have XYZ vector points, and then, say, an image, if it is a TIFF. The TIFF needs to know where to place it’s corners, in relation to the XYZ point cloud. A GeoTIFF has this info embedded, but Rhino on it’s own doesn’t know how to read that. Rhino also tends to assume 1:1 relationship of pixels in an image in X and Y but, this isn’t the case with the TIFF necessarily depending on where and how it was taken

So far we have plugins that can handle XYZ Vector points, and plugins that can handle Raster images. But I have yet to find something that can handle both at the same time and accurately place them geographically.

Please, someone, prove me wrong here!?

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If you are still looking to do this, do you have some sample data you could post here for testing? The Heron add-in may be able to help.