Gentleman racer

something else - no car - however - I have no idea about boats - so it could be that it would drown right away. Measures 6 meters long and 1.95 meters wide. All parts constructed in nurbs - rendered with Rhino (I still have to practice with the materials).
Have fun looking at it


Very nice. I had a friend year’s ago that actually built a hydroplane so that in calm weather he could race to his favorite ice cream shop in Dorr County at 60 knots or better. It too was a high quality “Gentleman’s Racer” with seating but for two and a huge engine under the large, polished mahogony foredeck. Someday I will recreate that beast in Rhino. Cheers, Rob

trés chic Monsieur!

awesome!! thanks for sharing!

i wonder how many fish get filleted at this speed

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good work!