Big & Small

Big & Small!
57’ Motor Sailer “Tar Liom” with a tender and “Tender To”, a 9-1/2’ lapstrake dinghy.

“Tar Liom” is designed for wood composite construction, while “Tender To” is designed for traditional lapstrake or for lapstrake plywood.

Rendered with Rhino 7


Very nice Tom!
Especially the lap strake hull of the tender including the detailing is beautiful.
Best, Gerard

Thank you Gerrard!. It was good fun especially lining off each plank!

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It’s always nice when you have fun in labor intensive jobs. That is often very satisfying.
Your hull reminds me of a Grasshopper script that I made nearly 10 years ago and share for free over



That is very cool! I’ve yet to develop any abilities with grasshopper.

I did the dinghy - and the other lapstrake boats "Plank by Plank " - incorporating an overlap with a bevel - and vary widths to curves of the boat (Narrower on the tight sections - broad on the flats). I can attest that although slower - I think the real thing is easier!

I’m in the process of producing tables of offsets and construction drawings for these boats - a WIP is shown.
Thank you !