For your pleasure

so - and since I have no idea about ships - one more thing.
Somehow these offshore racers are fascinating, sleek and fast, millionaire toys that I could unfortunately never afford, but they can still please you. As a drive I could imagine 2 Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1550/1350 sterndrive - they should provide sufficient propulsion. Length 11.5 meters x width 3.0 meters.
All parts except for the seats and propellers (SubD) are constructed in nurbs.
So and this time with water - the water was still a problem in my last project - now I have created it in Rhino with a relief from an image - in order to get a sufficient size, the command surface symmetry was used.
I hope you enjoy looking at it


Nice work! Like the detail at the transom re the steering mechanisms. Water as a ground plane I find troublesome in V7. There is no water in the material drop down menu. I wish they would add a water material that would be useful for naval arch. Best, Rob