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so - and since I have no idea about ships - one more thing.
Somehow these offshore racers are fascinating, sleek and fast, millionaire toys that I could unfortunately never afford, but they can still please you. As a drive I could imagine 2 Mercury Racing Dual Cal 1550/1350 sterndrive - they should provide sufficient propulsion. Length 11.5 meters x width 3.0 meters.
All parts except for the seats and propellers (SubD) are constructed in nurbs.
So and this time with water - the water was still a problem in my last project - now I have created it in Rhino with a relief from an image - in order to get a sufficient size, the command surface symmetry was used.
I hope you enjoy looking at it


Nice work! Like the detail at the transom re the steering mechanisms. Water as a ground plane I find troublesome in V7. There is no water in the material drop down menu. I wish they would add a water material that would be useful for naval arch. Best, Rob


amazing work :clap:t4::clap:t4:

+1 absolutely

I should add that the view of this 25’ center console was done using modified water that was created in ORCAD CFD. If you look carefully, there is some disturbance in the water forward where there should not be. I have discussed this with the gentleman at ORCA3D who agree and are to work on that particular small problem. Their CFD runs on a laptop just fine but is core hungry which is why my next build will have sixteen cores!

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Numerical anomaly. Maxsurf slender body waterplane also gets something similar.

If this is a mesh with a texture applied, perhaps some simple local mesh tweaking would solve the problem.