Changes made to the Thunder Fifty

While the hull is currently being tooled up, the builder asked for some positive changes. Those did require a brand new center console but once the form moved from my head to the smarter CPU, I was able to make most of the changes reasonably quickly. There are now two distinct versions of the Thunder Fifty: The Leisure Model and the serious Fish Killer Model. I present both here and now…cheers, Rob


Excellent design!

Just a point and question:

were not two motors enough for the boat?
Don’t four motors impose a high weight on the back of the boat, while the rear edge has a short height to water?

When I started the design, the client/builder was having a hard time finding outboards that would limit the number to two. (it’s even harder to find these today!) As of now, Mercury has come out with V12 Verado outboards that put out as much as 800 HP! There slightly smaller model times two would easily suffice. These are pricey, spectacular motors wherein only the lower unit rotates to steer the vessel and not the entire motor. I would love to see a pair of those on this rocket!

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