Generative Architectural Design : Error in Space Syntax Plugin

in the space syntax plugin by Pirouz Nourian half of the components are missing, while in his tutorial video and earlier version of the programme graph plugins were present. is their any way around the graph generation problem.
PFA image of the available data with which the graph is to be generated and image of the ribbon in which half the plugins are missing.1 2

This apparently works and was posted on the old forum:

If you are encountering a problem with rhino 6 versions don’t worry
Follow these steps.

  1. Download SYNTACTIC from
  2. Install it and go to the installation folder, Drag & drop SYNTACTIC(green one) over your grasshopper canvas.
  3. Close your rhino and reopen it.
  4. Type GrasshopperDeveloperSettings
  5. Tick the Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays option
  6. Run grasshopper and enjoy plugin