Syntactic failing on complex graphs


I’m using Syntactic by @pirouzaan to do some space syntax studies and I’m finding it temperamental. For less complex graphs it seems to work fine:

However, on more complex graphs, the resultant vertexes are all basically on top of each other (as though it has collapsed) and it fails.


Is this a limitation due to the complexity of the graph or is there some sort of bug either in my script or the plug-in?

I’m using Rhino 6 and have tried both the Food4Rhino version (v3.1) and the older version found on the website (v2.7). I’ve also tried enabling/disabling ‘GrasshopperDeveloperSettings’ as per this post. @Mahdiyar

Any ideas?

I do hope that islands in graphs are taken into account for any post connectivity task (Islands are done solely using VV connectivity).

Anyway I have a variety of C#'s that do “similar” things on any clustered (islands or not) graph. If you describe explicitly what you are after AND you are familiar with coding maybe I could post here some derestricted def (most of them are strictly internal).