Generation of walls in Revit from axes

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I am working on an algorithm in which the axes and with them the walls are generated from the geometry of the walls in Revit but the solution that is generating me is not optimal. I have tried to unite the results of the cluster but I cannot solve the problem. I have used these axes to generate walls for Archicad and I have had no problems.

The major error is due to your Invalid Curve and Null Value items

I deleted that data from the list with the Clean Tree component but it still gives me an error and the visualization of the walls generated in revit does not change. Experimentally drawing the axes in Rhinoceros with polycurves and then exploiting them and connecting these to the component and so if it turns out and generates the walls correctly. I must think that the error may be in the cluster and that the axes it delivers are not 100% correct and that Revit is more sensitive to that difference, which does not happen for Archicad