T-shaped surface blend

Hi all!
I always struggle to model T-shaped intersections in Rhino. In this example I need to blend three surfaces to make a smooth joint. Does anyone have an idea how to make it clean and smooth?

These are indeed always a challenge. It would help if you could post your 3dm file, if that is possible. Also, there are some suggestions that may work for you in this aptly named thread:

Hi menno,
thanks for pointing me to that thread, I’ll have a look at it.

I’ve attached an example flie
t-surf2.3dm (27.1 KB)

Look here:
and here (start at 1.20min):

and my dirty quick solution:

Patch.3dm (229.3 KB)

Hi eddi, I tried your patch solution but it’s not that sweet on the edges, unfortunatley.
Thanks for the useful links though!

Network Surface “networksrf” is a command I see people using quite often for this sort of thing. I’ve used it a few times myself, but it has certain rules you need to follow in order for it to make a surface and I seem to mix that up quite often so I won’t try to confuse you. But I would look at the help for that command or I’m sure there are other videos on it as well.

Yes, when surface should be zebra-clean, then only other surface layout helps (link 1,2), where used command’s for creating untrimmed surface.
If you have enough money, look for this Plugin

just take the outline curves and patch the lot?

Here is my take on this: patch, trim both sides, and blend with handle adjustment.

t-surf-0t.3dm (227.0 KB)