Generate Rhino layers from Spreadsheet

Hey guys,

I want to create 160 layers from a spreadsheet, is there any simple way?

You can do this with Grasshopper, an Excel plugin and Elefront. It could possibly also be done without linking Excel and GH and just creating the layers with Grasshopper

Hi Yianni - not in plain Rhino I don’t think. But that should be possible using a script reading say, a csv file.

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Hi Pascal,
Thank you, I should rephrase then :slight_smile:

I want to create 160 layers from a .csv file. I am hoping there is a script out there in the wild because I am scripting challenged :slight_smile:

Venerable old RhinoScript to the rescue.

ImportLayersFromExcel.rvb (1.6 KB)

Just drag & drop the attached on Rhino, and then run ImportLayersFromExcel.

Note, you will need Excel installed on the system running Rhino and the script.

Here is a test file. (13.9 KB)

– Dale


! ! ! Flawless ! ! !

Thank you so much Dale !