Data Structure Problems in my Script Which Uses Human


I am trying create a script which is able to quickly create layers in Excel and bake objects onto them. There are a couple of issues which I am trying to resolve:

The first is my inability to get the layer structure seen in the screenshot of my Rhino document, to be reflected in the bake section of my script. This layer structure was created in Grasshopper so I am unsure as to why it isn’t reflected in the bake section.

The second is that I’m curious as to whether or not I am able to create both Layers and Sublayers in Excel instead of using the Concatenate component to create the sublayers. If I can’t, it probably just makes more sense to create the layer structure in Grasshopper only. I also realize that the file uploaded doesn’t have the Excel file internalized, but essentially it was structured like is shown in the second screenshot.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Urban Diagrams From (29.7 KB)