A spreadsheet for Rhino?

Hi I’m just starting out with Rhino and it lacks an inbuilt spreadsheet Rhino discourse. How difficult would it be for someone to write one?  I realise it’s been done in Grasshopper, but I haven’t found a way to call or get Rhino objects into GH. I’ve included an outline of basic spreadsheet requirements:

I’d be using it specifically to count block instances and perform calculations on closed polyline areas (representing single plants and plant mixtures respectively).

Essentials are in body text (nice to have but not essential in brackets).

Need up to 15 fields. Fields able to hold text, integers and decimal data (sorting would be nice).

Worksheet linking to link the Rhino spreadsheets (plus from Rhino to Excel - two-way would be nice for block instances to read data in from Excel).

Functions: read and count block instances, read and display surface areas and object perimeters.

Calculations: ability to do multiply, divide, add and subtract between cells.

Ability to format cells: font selection, size, bold, italics (underline, conditional font colour e.g. for Block instance status).


Of course you can connect to Rhino and do that already with VBA in Excel. Or script Excel from Rhinoscript, same deal.

That sounds like a pretty tall order to me, Nigel. Not impossible, but would require some significant developer time. I suspect that if your workflow requires this kind of data linkage but you don’t want to use Grasshopper or write code, Rhino may not be the best solution for you. There are lots of reasons to love Rhino, but its parametric or data-bound features leave a lot to be desired.