GeForce Experience does not update driver properly

Just to share a bad Experience with nvidia driver update.

I’m using GTX 970. I noticed dots displayed as rectangles instead of rounded shapes in RhinoWIP. I updated to the latest 381.65 driver (Release date 2017-4-6) from GeForce Experience, selected “Perform a clean installation” as always. RhinoWIP crashed on start after the driver update.

I tested dots on another computer with GTX 770. Dots displayed as rectangles too. Updated the driver from GeForce Experience to 381.65 too on this computer. RhinoWIP didn’t crash, but dots still displayed as rectangles.

I, then, noticed there was not the 381.65 folder in C:\NVIDIA\DisplayDriver on both computers that stores a backup of the driver installer. So I downloaded 381.65 from nvidia website to give it a try. The 381.65 folder appeared. No crash on start any more and dots display correctly as rounded shapes.

GeForce Experience has wasted me 3 hours to figure out the problem. :rage:

I went back to test the 378.66 driver (release date 2017-2-14) and confirmed It does have the rectangle dots problem.